MBA in Criminal Justice Management

AACSB ImageProgram Length

36 hours

Program Description

Whether you are an established law enforcement professional ready to advance to leadership levels or ready to bring your talents to a new career in criminal justice, the Masters of Business Administration in Criminal Justice Management prepares you for the unique challenges of managing people, budgets and high-stress situations in a criminal justice setting. Studying a range of business, leadership and specialized criminal justice topics, you will gain knowledge, skills and experiences that can help you advance quickly in a range of criminal justice fields. In addition to management theory, organizational leadership and business communication, you will also explore legal issues and trends associated with both business and law enforcement leadership. You will also become a skilled managerial decision maker with positive leadership traits and an understanding of many aspects of crime prevention, control and punishment.


Course Start Dates


Spring 2017

March 20 – May 10 (8 weeks)

Summer 2017

June 5 – July 28 (8 weeks)

Fall 2017

August 28 – October 20 (8 weeks)

October 23 – December 13 (8 weeks)

Tuition and Fees*

Spring/Summer 2017

eTuition: $408 per credit hour*

*Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice by action of the Board of Regents or the Texas State Legislature. 

MBA Program Director (On-Campus Advisor)

Jeff Dyson, MBA 

College of Business Program 

(409) 880-8604 Office

MBA Program Assistant Director (On-Campus Advisor)

Carly Broussard, MBA

College of Business Program

(409) 880-7029 Office

MBA Program Coordinator (On-Campus)

Shannon Klutts

College of Business Program 

(409) 880-8604 Office

MBA Program Advisor (Online Program)

Arika Hairford

Division of Distance Learning 

(409) 880-7731 Office

Lamar University
College Of Business
P.O. Box 10059
Beaumont, Texas 77710

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