Dual Credit

Program Description

Lamar offers many opportunities for qualified students who wish to attend college while still in high school. The credit earned can be applied to degree programs at Lamar or transferred to other colleges and universities in accordance with the transfer policies of the degree granting institution. Dual Credit courses are courses taken that earns the student college credit while also satisfying high school graduation requirements. Assignment of dual high school credit is the responsibility of the high school and the student. Students seeking dual credit for earned college hours must contact their high school for specific high school requirements. 

Dual Credit Admission Requirements

Texas high school juniors and seniors who meet at least

one of the following testing criteria are eligible to for admission to the program:

10th or 11th grade TAKS: A minimum score of 2200 on both the Mathematics and the English Language Arts sections, with a minimum score of 3 on the writing Subsection:

PSAT: A composite score of 107 with minimum scores of 50 on both the Mathematics and Critical Reading sections;

SAT: A composite score of 1070 with minimum scores of 500 on both the Mathematics and Critical Reading sections;

ACT: A composite of 23 with minimum scores of 19 on both the Mathematics and English sections;

PLAN: A composite of 23 with minimum scores of 19 on both

the Mathematics and English sections.

Dual Credit Advising

Lara Jagneaux

Program Coordinator, LU Online and TXVSN


Phone:  409-880-7425

Fax:     409-880-8007

Dual Credit Programs


Lamar Interactive Network Connection (L.I.N.C.)

This early entry program is administered through the Center for Distance Education. Interactive videoconferencing technology allows Lamar University to deliver college level courses to participating Region V high school campuses. Distance students have a complete two-way audio and video connection and are able to interact with the faculty member and college students attending the same course on the university campus.

Students in this program will concurrently receive high school and college credit upon satisfactory completion of the course. Courses offered are regular core curriculum courses of the university taught by qualified university faculty. This program is open to academically accelerated juniors and seniors.

A university grant is offered to students in this program that covers the cost of all university fees. Students pay only the required tuition. For entrance requirements and application procedures, students should contact their high school counselor. For more information see the LINC handbook.

For more information, call 409-880-7425


Lamar Early Access Program (L.E.A.P.)

The Lamar Early Access Program is a cooperative venture between Lamar University and participating high schools. LEAP allows high school students to take university courses in their own schools. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will concurrently receive high school & college credit. Currently, participating high schools are Kirbyville High School, Port Neches- Groves High School and Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School.

For more information, call 409-880-7425


Lamar Instructor in Schools (L.I.S.)

Instruction is provided by qualified university instructors on the campus of the High School during the Fall and Spring semesters. Students can earn credit for core courses such as Freshman Composition, Political Science and Economics while also applying the same credit to their high school curriculum requirements.

Lamar University offers a grant to students in this program which covers all university fees. Students are responsible for paying tuition only. Application to this program is administered through the High School Counselor.

For more information, call 409-880-7425

LU Online Dual Credit and TxVSN

Since fall 2009, Lamar University has been an approved Course Provider for the Texas Virtual School Network. You may review our current course offerings by clicking on the following link: www.txvsn.org and then selecting Course Catalog and Dual Credit Courses (for School Year select 2012-2013, and for School Semester select Fall). Students who have been designated by their districts as Virtual Learning Scholarship recipients may enroll in our listed courses at no cost to the student or the district.